Russian E-Visa Suspended

  • WRITTEN BY Brent McCunn
  • DATE January 14, 2021
Russian E-Visa Suspended!
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has postponed the issuing of electronic visas to foreigners, despite the system being ready for implementation. The decision has been taken in light of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
We detailed, in a previous post how this new visa was to start in the new year. This was a visa for a maximum stay of 16 days, so is not good enough for a proper Trans Siberian with good stops. It was also limited to 52 nationalities.
We realise not many people would be affected as it is definitely NOT a sensible time to visit Russia! Their Covid problem is quite big, according to information we get from our many contacts across Russia.
The foreign ministry’s consular department announced the decision on their website. We will update you when we hear more.