Tsar’s Gold Private Journeys

Tsar’s Gold: Moscow to Beijing

The views awaiting you are a natural masterpiece—staggering, breathtaking and ever-changing. Simply relax and enjoy, we’ll take care of everything else. The Tsar's Gold is the best way to travel in comfort, ease and security. Let the once-in-a-lifetime experience begin.

Tsar’s Gold: Mongolia to Moscow

Experience the unique charms of Ulan Bator, the dynamic capital of Mongolia. Then get a taste of Russian life, from Lake Baikal’s pristine shores to Moscow’s vibrant streets.

Tsar’s Gold: Vladivostok to Moscow

From the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean to the vibrant bustle of Moscow, experience the vastness and variety of Russia.

St. Petersburg Extension

Lovers of arts and architecture can combine their Trans-Siberian journey with a tour to St. Petersburg, to get an even better insight into the Russian soul.

St. Petersburg Add-on

Experience the beautiful Venice of the North with its world-famous sights such as Newski Prospekt, the Hermitage Museum and the legendary Amber Room.

Tsar’s Gold: Beijing to Moscow

Whether you are looking for cozy convenience or superior train travel, step aboard the timeless and original Tsar’s Gold private train. Explore the epic and dramatic scenery of one of the most iconic train routes on earth!

Beijing extension

Why not spend a few days before or after your great train adventure discovering Beijing, renowned for its modern architecture, historic sites and ornate palaces.

China Extension

China's rich and diverse history is bound to captivate every visitor. Extend your train adventure and see more of what China has to offer. We will tailor a personal itinerary to meet your interests and budget. Here's but one itinerary suggestion.