Trans Siberian JOURNEYS

Tsar’s Gold Private Journeys

Enjoy Stunning Landscapes Across All of Asia. Go on a journey between Russia and China, creating memories that will last forever. Visit Lake Baikal, the world's largest lake. Discover authentic Siberian villages. Sleep in a traditional Mongolian yurt. Marvel at Beijing's Forbidden City. It's the adventure of a lifetime made easy and unforgettable on your private train. Here's a taste of what you will experience


Orient Silk Road Express

Explore the Wonders of the Ancient World. Travel through Central Asia on the world-renowned Silk Road, a crossroads of civilizations that spans thousands of years and thousands of miles. Observe the ancient crafts of silk weaving and paper making. Meet local people and get to know their daily lives. A journey on the Silk Road is an adventure through time and wondrous landscapes made more spectacular on board your private train. Here's what you can expect ...



Tsar’s Gold: Beijing to Moscow

  • LENGTH 15 nights

The legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad is home to one of the greatest travel experiences in the world—the Tsar’s Gold. Explore Russia, Mongolia and China on your private train journey, and enjoy a captivating, comfortable and secure adventure from Beijing to Moscow.